Songs 21st June -chosen by Revd Karen

There aren’t any obvious songs for this week so here is one of our favourites at St Mark’s

Because there is a theme of light in our gospel reading and bringing what is hidden into the light it is an excuse to hear another one of those songs that are new to St Mark’s.

I was looking for a video for ‘Walk in the Light of the Lord’ which I remember singing at university and I came across this gem from South Africa. I’ve been singing the chorus ‘Walk in the light,  He is the light,  And you will become light’  all week. Enjoy!

WALK IN THE LIGHT Move spirit move upon my earth Uncover the face of my deep Move spirit move upon my earth Flutter your wings come in now king of all lights drive away my night Let the new day be realized

CHORUS Walk in the light He is the light And you will become light

Let there be no part dark in me Father take over my soul Let the glory that I once shared with thee long ago Be now awaken in me King of all lights Drive away my night Let this new day be realized This is the promise of the day star that had risen in the west Arise and shine thy light has come

Can you see it? Do you believe it? Can you accept it ? It is yours





Light of the World