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Karen Wellman


At St Mark’s there has been a plan for a very long time to build a hall. We have taken some time to stop and think about what we want to do with a hall and it seems that we already have an excellent building that is only used for a few hours a week. We are exploring ways of using the church building as a community space. One idea is to remove the pews we have, replace them with pews that can be moved and stacked, and then use the open space in the church for community events. We are looking at how we might put a kitchen and disabled toilets in church and improve our access. We have been to look at other churches that have undertaken similar projects and details of our site visits are at the back of St Mark’s Church. Please drop in and have a look and tell us what you think via the contact form on this website or by emailing the vicar at

This is one of the benches we are thinking of getting.


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