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Karen Wellman


The site is looking really good at the moment. The wildflower meadow under the statue of St Mark at the Down Road end of the site is in full flower. This was planted in 2019 and it is in its second year of flowering. It is full of British wildflowers which are attractive to bees.

The roses are in full bloom in the memorial garden and around the St Mark’s Road boundary of the site. These are Rosa Rugosa Alba.

The Sheddington vegetable plot is looking good.

Our no mow May for the grass has turned into, not even mowing in June as our gardener’s van has broken down but the bees and other insects seem to be enjoying it!

We will be putting more posters up around the site with the title ‘Hope on the Railings – the summer edit’ to encourage people to stop and spend a moment reflecting on the beauty of creation.

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