Making Jesus Christ Visible

The Parish context

 The Parish of St Mark, South Teddington, It contains several schools and sports clubs. The church and its grounds stand in the middle of the Parish.

As part of the Diocese of London, S Mark’s is the local expression of the purpose of the Church of England which can be briefly described as worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission.  These activities are derived first of all from Jesus’ commandment that we should love God and to love our neighbour as oneself, and secondly from his commission that we go to all peoples and teach what he has taught us.

Its resources

St Mark’s has four main resources:  its congregation, the church building, its hall and its surrounding space. Historically the church building has been used primarily for worship and discipleship, while fellowship, ministry and mission were carried out in the hall through a variety of local organisations ministering to people of all ages from toddlers to the elderly, most of them led by members of the congregation.

Using the resources today

The church has been reordered so that it could be used a shared space for worship and community use.  Several organisations now use the church building including Scouts, St John’s Ambulance, Baby Ballet, Ward Councillors, Karate and Tai Chi, local beekeeping and small  children’s parties.  We also host a warm hub.   Since 2022 Sheddington have restructured the hall and now use it for practical activities restoring the hall for mending, making and meeting.  Hiring fees are paid for the use of our space and are an important source of income.

Working Together

To fulfil our vision of making Jesus Chris visible, we lead the Community Hub in building up a spirit of wellbeing in the local community.  We hold regular meetings of the leaders of the organisations which are nurture that spirit between us.  Thus might be described as ‘institutional neighbourliness.’

John Bazalgette
Convenor, St Mark’s Parish Community Hub
Deputy Church Warden

17 February 2023

The purpose of St Mark’s Parish Community Hub

The Hub creates a shared way of bringing together the leaders of the organisations using the church’s facilities, to work to bring together their varied contributions to the wellbeing of the local community, to create an atmosphere in the bounded patch of land in St Mark’s Road which will be coherent, conveying the sense that South Teddington is a good and safe place in which to live, bring up one’s family, earn one’s living and enjoy one’s recreation.