Memory Cafe

Our memory café starts on the 21st November at 11am and runs until 12.30pm. We are well known for our tea and cake at St Mark’s Church and this café is designed to be a welcoming place for those with memory problems. We would also love to welcome anyone who wants to come for a chat. Training in dementia awareness has been provided to our volunteers and we are working with local charity Embracing Age. Our plan is to run the café on the third Tuesday of the month in the morning. Neighbouring church St Peter and St Paul are running a café on the first Tuesday in the afternoon.

Messy Church with a volcano

This month we thought about being prepared and we adapted Jesus’ story of the wise and foolish bridesmaids in the story of the wise and foolish teenagers because we know that teenagers are not always well prepared and fall asleep really easily. Glittery stars were made because the story was set at night time and we made glittery torches to light the way. In the story that Jesus told the bridegroom is delayed. It doesn’t say that he wasn’t delayed by a volcano so it was an opportunity to make lava flow and to think a little about how unexpected things can get in the way. We had some real bits of volcano in the form of granite and lava and pumice stone from real live geologists. Then there was cake!

In December we will be thinking about Christmas and getting involved in Christmas craft. December 10th at 2.30pm.





We are in the middle of Remembrance season. On the 31st October we handed out sweets to trick or treaters on St Marks Road. We will need more lights next year but we had a great time seeing all the costumes.

We had an All Saints Service on the 1st November and we will be weaving the themes of All Saints and All Souls into our Sunday Service on the 5th November at 10am.

On Sunday 12th November we have a Remembrance Service at 10am and then Messy Church at 2.30-4pm.

The church is always open between 9-5pm on a weekday and from 9ish to 4ish on the weekend and you are very welcome to come in and be still or light a candle in memory of a loved one.

Sweets for Halloween

Sweets for Halloween